spring/summer collection:
routes and ritual

for trade both seen and unseen. on foot, by the grace of beasts of burden, moved by way of caravan or the trusting of stars to deliver by open seas. through forest, desert and clouds. overcoming mountains, waters, and war. such great expanses crossed. such great pathways formed. in dirt. in memory. en route to. these lines on a map traced and tread, moving towards all points on the compass. a pilgrimage. an interchange. a bridging of distances to transport or seek the coveted. tea, coffee, language, oil, wine, pottery, spices, stories, grains, olives, customs; all things once exotic, now commonplace. that such wealth formed in far reaches with cultivating hands, now be so easily obtainable. that we not take the ease of obtaining for granted. in hopes that we make sacred the abundance that has travelled far to be at our fingertips. to have a bit of reverence for the cup we hold or the carafe we pour from, the vessel that contains, and the glorious contents within. to slow it all down, be present with, hold dear.