design. always for and with someone in mind. whether working from a special order or a train of thought, the prevailing desire is to create timeless wares for lasting use and appreciation. currently all work is hand-thrown, each piece unique and lovingly imperfect. while some objects pictured are from client-specific requests, others may appear in the shop on a regular basis. if you’re interested in a special order or in having something exclusively designed, i am happy and willing to consider your project.

table. [dark stoneware, mix of glazes.]

orbs with sound. [stoneware]

water + wine. [stoneware, stratus.]

udon bowl. [stoneware, stratus.]

demi-tasse. [dark stoneware. rothko chapel black.]

teapots. [white stoneware, warm white.]

giant rings. [white stoneware. warm white.]

lidded [stoneware. warm white.]

pitcher. [stoneware. rothko chapel black.]

seven nest. [dark brown stoneware. stratus.]

bonsai. [stoneware. three glazes, warm white.]

pour over. [stoneware. three glazes. warm white.]

tea. [stoneware. meteorite.]

vessel. [stoneware. three glazes, warm white.]