january 15, 2019 - yes

Roy of the Ravers Emotinium from 2 Late 4 Love (slow)

“Is the morning a time of festivity?”

“Is the dress you’re wearing a garment of celebration?”

“When you escaped did the light hurt your eyes?”

“Is this music?”

“Is it too much?”

“And am I your secret vice?”

“Sometimes by moonlight and sometimes by starlight, she stared at the light where the water ran over the sand. He never came. She got out of the car and walked up and down the beach hour after hour. The water ran over the sand, one wave covering another like the knitting of threads, like the begetting of revenges, betrayals, memories, regrets. And always it made a musical, murmuring sound, a language as definite as speech. But he never came.”

from Mrs Caliban by Rachel Ingalls