december 13, 2017 - the boundary between these two spaces is not marked

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"heroic dose: the narco-imaginary establishes a circuit, maps an ancient course. The mystique that surrounds the narco-imaginary concerns it's mystical beginnings; intoxication names the cypher through which mere mortals correspond with the gods."

a pleasure or a poisoning or a vision of the future.

"what happens when the immediate familiarity of the present overwhelms the ability of the subject to frame his or her experience in language? What happens when "what is" appears to be exactly like what just was. When the "new development" appears to be an exact replica of the old development, relocated? Take a simple reburial, for example, the same old bones."

bird bones may be hollow, but they are also heavy.

"a map of desire works like discourse; it fails to account for marauders that attack from unmarked territories. To understand it's terrain you enter; or rather, already inside, you try and find your way out."

i rely on triangulation and telepathy.

quotes from The Narco-Imaginary by Ramsey Scott