september 10, 2014 - one after one

image from Persepolis by John Diosdado

the dark and the light and some new music i've made. listen to first magnitude

one lifts one’s hand across one's face
one gestures toward a wall
one extends a gift, one strokes a beard
one crosses a square of other ones
ones in white remove ones’ gowns
one covers oneself, ones come to touch
one other one speaks to sky
one paints a scene, one other scolds
one walks the sand, ones march to cover
ones hold ones’ staffs, one shades one other
one strikes one’s drum
ones play despite
one sleeps, one speaks
one strokes one’s cheek
one other one gestures toward a book
one and every one hold one’s breath
one and every one swell with signs
ones in white cross a square of ones
one lifts one’s hand
one lifts one’s hand
one gestures toward one other one
one passes food
one flies above
one after one ride toward other ones
one after one sit by other ones
one strikes to speak
one comes to touch
one kisses one after one on one’s cheek

one/thou/s/and/one- by anna moschovakis