june 28, 2014 - all i ask is that you step with me into the boundlessness

béla tarr's reflection of a reflection of an endless cycle in the "werckmeister harmonies" based upon the melancholy of resistance by lászló krasznahorkai

"the sheer brilliance of his vision could crush him one moment and resurrect him the next, and although he could talk of nothing else his command of language was such that he could never begin, even vaguely, to explain what it was that he did see. When he declared that he knew nothing of the universe, they neither believed him nor understood him, but it was quite true... He had no sense of proportion and was entirely lacking the compulsive drive to reason; he was not hungry to measure himself, time and time again, against the pure and wonderful mechanism of "that silent heavenly clockwork" for he took it for granted that his great concern for the universe was unlikely to be reciprocated by the universe for him... being unable to detect mutability where there plainly wasn't any, he made like the raindrop relinquishing hold of the cloud which contained it, and simply surrendered to the ceaseless execution of his pre-appointed task."

in orderly movement with planets. we waltz. create counterpoint. or stumble along. make chaos. either way we are all moving through space, and it makes no difference to the universe.