october 25, 2013 - that ritual

repeating gestures. silently mouthing mantras. the act of communication, with oneself or with the vast sea. creation by way of focus and intent. the need for reliable results. or those known results more undefinable- that energy we manifest. that structured universe. that sacredness. that ritual. that simultaneous act of forgetting and remembering. those words. that scent, sight and taste. the personal experience. the collective memory.

from memory for forgetfulness by poet mahmoud darwish.

"They can aim sea, sky, and earth at me, but they cannot root the aroma of coffee out of me. I shall make my coffee now. I will drink the coffee now. Right now, I will be sated with the aroma of coffee, that I may at least distinguish myself from a sheep and live one more day, or die, with the aroma of coffee all around me.

Move the pot away from the low fire, that the hand may undertake its first creation of the day. Pay no heed to rockets, shells, or jets. This is what I want. To possess my dawn, I’ll diffuse the aroma of coffee...

Take the coffee to the narrow corridor and pour it lovingly and with a sure hand into a little white cup: dark-colored cups spoil the freedom of the coffee. Observe the paths of the steam and the tent of rising aroma."